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We're a marketing communications consulting firm that believes in order to achieve the best results, communications must do much more than merely raise awareness of an organization. They should elevate the stature of the organization itself. Communicating important ideas about why your hospital, non-profit, academic environment, or technology company matters isn't just important to your demographic, it's first and foremost important to everyone inside the organization and the partnerships that are created as a result.

Well-targeted, strategically sound communications that go above and beyond the norm remind the entire organization and all those involved of its mission, vision and values. As a shining example of what the organization does best, these high-profile programs can actually make people proud to work there. And that, in turn, makes all the difference in the world.


My Packard Story:  Annie
Volunteering at Packard Children's for 20 years has been an especially meaningful way for Annie to demonstrate her support for children's health.